Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic yoga style, where various Asanas – as the different posture exercises are called – merge fluently. The constant and even breath is the spirit of these movements and creates an energetic connection of body and mind. 

 What is Vinyasa?

Vinyasa means “to place something in a certain way” and that is why Vinyasa Yoga focuses on the way we connect the different Asanas. The most important support during a Vinyasa practice is our breath, which flows consistently in order to focus our thoughts and mindfulness on the here and now. Vinyasa implicates all natural movements, which harmonically glide from one state to the next, as i.e. the course of the seasons, high and low tide, the alternation of day and night, the movement of your inhaling and exhaling body, the Sun Salutation itself.

Yoga is a lifelong process, which aims to prepare our body for meditation, to raise our awareness for the constant changes in life and to bring in line these changes with our being.

Classical Surya Namaskar – Shiva Rea

Prana Vinyasa Yoga

Prana Vinyasa Yoga is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers. Students of all levels are empowered to experience prana – the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence – as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living. Practitioners learn classical and innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga and the state of flow drawn from Krishnamacharya’s teachings, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Somatics and Shiva’s teaching experience from the last fifteen years.

Prana Flow Yogis are surfers of life and do not only ride the Vinyasa wave on their yoga mat, but in all facets that life offers them. As nature itself generates things by changing steadily, by letting things grow, glow and then giving it back to earth, we too want to develop an awareness of this continuous change, in order to joyfully ride the waves of life.

Prana Flow Yoga is a further development of Vinyasa Yoga and was established by Shiva Rea. Prana Flow is influenced by the theories of Ayurveda, Tantra and Bhakti, which turns it into a vivid and creative yoga style.

All is based on the understanding of Prana, the universal energy of life. Yoga shall open us intuitively to absorb this powerful energy, to perceive the movement directions of prana and to integrate these in our everyday life.

Prana Flow Yoga shows us a way to transform old habits and cemented beliefs so that we can discover our potential and liberate our creativity. Dynamic asana sequences, mantra chanting, music, movement meditation, pranayama, mudras and meditation are only a few examples of how we are going to activate the flow of prana.

Video of Shiva Rea: Dancing Warrior