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Rock & OM

Yoga & Climbing in Kalymnos

19.09 – 26.09.2015

~ Join us on a different style of Yogaretreat ~

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This wonderful picture are provided by Nikolaos Smalios: www.facebook.com/nikolaos.smalios


Yoga and climbing complete each other in a very extraordinary and wonderful way. Both require your full attention and can bring out the maximum of your potential.

During these unforgettable days we will focus mainly on the meditation in movement – on the yoga mat as well as on the Greek cliffs. It will give you the possibility to awaken your inner abilities and to savour the joy of being.

Enthusiastic climbers will not only enjoy the impressive rocks in a dreamlike nature, but also the life-enhancing Yoga sessions.
Yoga is he best practice, not only to improve your concentration, but also to learn to feel your body and to advance your climbing technique. Several breathing techniques, exercises for balance, stretching, but also training the focus, dealing with your inner balance and activating the strength of your middle, which is one of the main goals in Yoga, will lead you secure to a higher level.

You’ve never climbed on rocks? Don’t worry! Our destination offers you many wonderful options for beginners. In our Yoga sessions we will engage ourselves with „letting go“ and work on confronting our deep fears. You will find out, how to apply the techniques you learned during the Yoga sessions on a daily basis in real life. The exciting nature becomes a real challenge and Yogis, who have never climbed on a rock, will experience an unforgettable and life changing event.

If you never challenge yourself, you will never know who you really are! 

Rock & OM!

Kalymnos is nor only beautiful and full of energy. Die poverful greek island is a hot spot for climbing and one of the most popular in Europe! More than 1000 routes mit around 50 sectors will seduce every passionate climber and those, who want to become it one day (and maybe just don’t know it yet ;) )

According to Greek mythology, the world has evolved from chaos. Nothing but boring emptiness. Out of this nothing, gods have been created, who finally created the world.

Gods must have left the most beautiful rocks and stones. These have been thrown in the turquoise sea of the Aegaen and created the island of Kalymnos. Here is nothing not rocks, wind, sund an sea. Those you put their feet on this wonderful island, feel the power of the gods like nowhere else.

Long story made short: the gods created a paradies for those, who want remember thei inner power. Far away from the mass tourism we will find ourselves surrounded by fishermans and divers, dreamy bays and beautifuly cliffs.

Once the island was called Kalydna and it is supposed that the name derives from the words „beautiful“ and „water“. And truly, the island is surrounded by extreme clear water

with Marion Inderst & Julia Jyoti Lietz
For early bookers until 31.07.2015 – Accomodation in doubleroom or shared room: €559,00
Price from 01.08.2015 – Accomodation in doubleroom or share room: €649,00
marion kaly
The package contains:
  • Accomodation
  • Breakfast
  • daily meditation
  • 3x Solar Flow Yoga (if you decide not to take park at the climbing axcursions you are of course allowed to participate at all 6 Solar flow sessions.)
  • 6x Lunar/Yin Yoga
  • 1 group excursion



Co-Teacher Jyoti is a life-loving Yogini, who loves with all her heart and is ready for any kind of adventure. You can steal horses with her but also just enjoy the silence together. As a certified Yogateacher, Ayurveda practitioner and masseuse, she runs her own Yoga studio in Innsbruck and teaches modern as well as classic Yoga styles.


Climbing package
with Simon Montmory
Climbing Course for Beginners 3 days (6 hours): € 240,00
Climbing Course Intermediate 3 days (6 hours): € 240,00
The Climbing package includes contents:
  • 3 instructed/guided climbing days
  • Top-rope climbing / Introduction to lead climbing / Improvement of your climbing skills
  • Safe top-rope & safe lead belaying
  • Understanding of outdoor risks
  • Basic Safety skills
  • Build confidence on the rock / Build Confidence lead climbing
  • The best routes of Kalymnos in your level
  • Climbing equipment (except shoes, you can rent them very cheap in Masouri)
  • Lots of fun!

During 3 days (6h) you will enjoy the best routes of Kalymnos in your level, develop your climbing and safety skills, build confidence on the rock and enjoy an unforgettable rock climbing experience!

Simon Montmory is a certified, experienced and passionate (!) climbing guide. He loves Kalymnos and lives there for many years now. All year long, he shares his passion coaching and guiding climbers from all around the world and equip new routes.


Nicht enthalten: Anreise, Handtücher, Mittag-Abendessen (die Verpflegung ist nicht inbegriffen, da die Preise auf Kalymnos überaus günstig sind; ein wunderbares Abendessen bekommt man z.B. für ca. 10,00€), Versicherung
Der Abschluss einer Reiseversicherung wird empfohlen



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